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Gaining the support of the parents

Often behavioural issues in the class need to be addressed with parents, and most often the parent’s support is necessary, moving forward. This video looks at the different types of parents you might encounter and how to better connect with them to gain their support.

Effective discipline suggestions

Some Suggestions for Effective In-class Discipline   Since the teacher’s effectiveness is so dependent upon their skill in nurturing good classroom discipline, and since each discipline problem must be dealt with individually, these suggestions are made:   Learn your pupils’ names immediately. Very seldom do teachers encounter any real discipline problem in the first week …

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The discipline process

Use this video to help you design a unique discipline process that suits both you and your learners.    

Obedience versus responsibility

This video explores the concept of obedience and responsibility. What does each one mean? And more importantly,  how do they affect the behaviour of my learners?