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Observation Tool

The rubric below is an example of how a rubric can be very effective as an observation tool. It can be adapted for practical observations and used in the Foundation Phase. Download Using Rubrics as Observation Tools

Essay Rubric

The below rubric is an example of an essay rubric. Download Example of an essay rubric  

Oral Rubric

The rubric below is an example of an ORAL rubric. It is best used for Intermediate Phase (Grades 4-6), however, can be very easily adapted for other grades. Download Example of an oral rubric

Completed Rubric

Below is an example of a completed rubric. Download Examples of Rubrics developed

Process for Developing Rubrics

This video provides an explanation for the thought process behind developing a rubric. It uses the PACED Decision Making Model as a framework and can be quite useful when going through the process.