Effective Data Analysis by Pinnock Consulting


Data Analysis is one of the most important processes in a school or educational institution. It ensures the quality of the teaching, learning and assessment process. Data Analysis should be carried out continuously in conjunction with all of the curriculum processes.There are many methods of Data Analysis, some more effective than others. Most schools and institutions use the most common methods of data analysis by finding the mean, median and mode, however very little further analysis is done on their findings.These methods do not always provide enough information for a full analysis of the teaching, learning and assessment process. This manual focuses on the effective approach of normal distribution and provides a detailed explanation on how to go about analysing the findings.This manual takes you through a step-by-step process of collecting, processing and analysing data in an effective and informative way. It also provides Case Studies outlining reasons and conclusions that can be derived from common trends.This manual can be used and adapted for any school, education institution or education department as all of the basic principles of analysing data are the same.This manual is most effectively used as a step-by-step reference guide.It is advisable to follow the stages of the data analysis process and read and understand each step.