A Practical Guide to Moderation by Pinnock Consulting


Moderation is one of the most important processes in a school or educational institution. It ensures the quality of the teaching, learning and assessment processes. Moderation should be carried out continuously in conjunction with all of the curriculum processesMany institutions claim to have a moderation process, however the process generally lacks constructive feedback and improvement to teaching, learning and assessment. School managers and educators should ensure that they are not just carrying out verification but rather effective moderation.This manual takes you through a step-by-step process of developing and implementing an effective moderation process. It also provides the reasons for including and not including certain steps and processes.This manual can be used and adapted for any school, education institution or education department as all of the basic principles of developing a rubric are the same.This manual is most effectively used as a step-by-step reference guide.It is advisable to follow the stages of the moderation process and read and understand each step.