How we learn most effectively




Effective learning happens when a learner builds their understanding of Maths and takes charge of their own learning. If we…

  • Identify the backlogs
  • Share formative feedback with learners
  • Partner with them to guide their catch-up process

not only are we addressing the challenge of the global learning crisis, but we are also empowering learners by developing their metacognition.


If cognition is ‘thinking’ and ‘learning’, then metacognition is ‘thinking about thinking’ or we can say ‘thinking about learning’. Successful teaching must result in independent, self-sustaining, life-long learners who are able to understand their learning process and its requirements and can access and utilise the resources they need (human or otherwise) to create their own knowledge and understanding.




Surely this is the core business of a teacher? So often we hear about the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution and the question: how can we prepare learners for jobs that don’t even exist yet? Well – developing a metacognitive learner – a person who is able to teach themselves whatever it is that they are expected to know – that is someone who will always be employable! It is this that will provide opportunities in the uncertain job markets of the future and which will enable them to be valuable contributors in their community and in our nation.

Today, the Learners for Excellence students are thriving in their careers. Here are just a few of the pioneers.



  1. Metacognition: What Makes Humans Unique – by Art Costa and Bena Kallick
  2. Learning Is a Learned Behavior – by Ulrich Boser