The impact on the students’ mentality





So we know that backlogs in maths are common!

U.S. researchers, Jordan and Levine warn that without intervention learners with backlogs are almost certain to experience ‘‘a cascade of mathematics failure’’ and suffer “diminished learning opportunities” later in life.

This cycle of failure leads to “Maths anxiety”, avoidance of Maths and even a fear of maths – “Maths phobia”.


But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Maths, as a school subject, is no more difficult than any other subject! But maths, more than all the other subjects, depends on a solid foundation of prior knowledge. If a learner has gaps in that foundation, then they cannot make understanding of grade-level work if new work is building on the knowledge that they have missed. But the good news is with focused attention, we have documented learners catching up three to six grades in just one year.