Inform to educate




If you remember, Transformative Assessment is formative.

Formative assessment is assessment for which the primary purpose is to advance learning. The results of formative assessment are not reported, BUT… mostly they are used by the teacher to adjust or direct their teaching.

The transformative label comes in when the results of the assessment are used to engage the learner and to include them in the directions to advance their own learning.


John Hattie, probably the world’s most famous educational researcher in recent times, among his enormous body of work, conducted a meta-analysis of 435 different studies spanning a 35 year period to find out the effect of feedback on student learning.


It had already been established that written comments are more effective in improving learner achievement than providing marks or percentages. But Hattie concluded that the more information contained in feedback to learners, the more effective the feedback is in improving learners’ learning.


In fact, Hattie defines feedback as information that is provided by some kind of agent regarding aspects of one’s performance or understanding.