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NSSF and Protocol Training

Welcome to the online training on the National School Safety Framework (NSSF) and the Protocol for the Management and Reporting of Sexual Abuse and Harassment in Schools. This training aims to unpack the magnitude of violence in South African schools, the laws and policies that guide identification and reporting as well as the steps involved …

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Moderation for Team Leaders

Moderation is one of the most important processes in a school or educational institution. It ensures the quality of the teaching, learning and assessment processes. Moderation should be carried out continuously in conjunction with all of the curriculum processes. This course is designed for all educators wishing to learn more about an effective moderation process. …

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The Art of Delegation

This course provides school managers with guidance on how to develop their delegation skills. It aims to assist in building a more effective team. The ability to delegate is a powerful tool that allows leaders and managers to grow and develop their team, as well as allow more time for more strategic planning and organising. …

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Giving Effective Feedback

This course provides managers and leaders with essential skills so that they are able to give effective feedback to motivate and empower their staff and build a more effective team. It also provides guidance on giving feedback to parents.  Course Outline Feedback and mentorship Why is giving effective feedback so difficult?  Understanding stages of teaching How to …

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Developing Effective Rubrics

This course is designed for all teachers to understand the importance of an effective rubric and guides teachers through the process of creating a rubric that meets all cognitive levels and assesses the learners’ true ability. A rubric can be one of the most powerful assessment tools to assess a learner’s true ability, provided it is constructed …

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Understanding Millennials

This course is designed to provide insight into the Millennial generation. Teachers will be provided with information and guidance on how to deal with Millennial learners, teachers and parents.  Course Outline What is a Millennial?  Understanding Millennials Dealing with Millennial learners Dealing with Millennial teachers Dealing with Millennial parents

Managing your classroom environment

This course looks at the classroom environment, and more specifically how teachers as the managers of their classroom can create an environment that promotes effective teaching and learning. This course looks at three main elements. Firstly, the physical environment – how your classroom is set up and how this impacts your environment. Secondly, we look …

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