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Time Management for Teachers

Working as a teacher requires excellent time management skills. There are numerous needs and tasks that teachers need to balance from the long-term goals for the class as well as the immediate individual educational needs of the learners, let alone the volume of marking and paperwork that comes with the job. This course is designed …

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NSSF and Protocol Training

Welcome to the online training on the National School Safety Framework (NSSF) and the Protocol for the Management and Reporting of Sexual Abuse and Harassment in Schools. This training aims to unpack the magnitude of violence in South African schools, the laws and policies that guide identification and reporting as well as the steps involved …

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An Introduction to Teaching a Second Additional Language (IIAL)

This course takes a look at different approaches to take when implementing a second additional language effectively in the classroom, more specifically Foundation Phase. The Incremental Introduction of African Languages (IIAL) requires learners in South African to learn a second additional African language, and this course is designed to assist South African teachers to understand …

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