Course Category: Dealing with Diverse Learners in the Classroom

These courses look at diversity among learners and provide insight into how they may be thinking, feeling and operating. They will hopefully provide teachers with tools to integrate them into their lessons and teaching in a more effective way.

An Introduction to Teaching a Second Additional Language (IIAL)

This course takes a look at different approaches to take when implementing a second additional language effectively in the classroom, more specifically Foundation Phase. The Incremental Introduction of African Languages (IIAL) requires learners in South African to learn a second additional African language, and this course is designed to assist South African teachers to understand …

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Developing Effective Rubrics

This course is designed for all teachers to understand the importance of an effective rubric and guides teachers through the process of creating a rubric that meets all cognitive levels and assesses the learners’ true ability. A rubric can be one of the most powerful assessment tools to assess a learner’s true ability, provided it is constructed …

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Understanding Millennials

This course is designed to provide insight into the Millennial generation. Teachers will be provided with information and guidance on how to deal with Millennial learners, teachers and parents.  Course Outline What is a Millennial?  Understanding Millennials Dealing with Millennial learners Dealing with Millennial teachers Dealing with Millennial parents

Managing your classroom environment

This course looks at the classroom environment, and more specifically how teachers as the managers of their classroom can create an environment that promotes effective teaching and learning. This course looks at three main elements. Firstly, the physical environment – how your classroom is set up and how this impacts your environment. Secondly, we look …

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Early Literacy Development

This course provides an introduction to early literacy development, why it is so important and how teachers can promote and develop these essential skills for their learners. Course Outline Introduction to early literacy  Oral language Emergent reading & writing Play for literacy development  Songs & rhymes for literacy  Reading & stories Emergent writing A literacy rich environment  …

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Managing Learners’ Behaviour

This course looks at different approaches to dealing with behavioural problems in the classroom. From setting up your classroom and using classroom management effectively, to designing a unique discipline process that suits both you and your learners.  Course Outline Introduction to classroom management Classroom management as the backbone of discipline Are you a discipline problem …

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