About Us

Our Story

ProfDevPlus was started in 2017 by a South African based teacher training organisation. Pinnock Consulting has carried out face-to-face training for teachers and school management teams for many years and saw the need to take their materials and training courses online.

Pinnock Consulting has experience in rural and urban schools as well as government and independent schools.  The schools they interact with are spread across many different socio-economic levels.  

Pinnock Consulting works with many Government Departments,  Unions, Non-profit organisations and  Private Businesses.

The Pinnock Consulting team consists of a group of experienced developers, facilitators and consultants with a combined experience of over one hundred years.  They bring diverse educational as well as academic, corporate and psychological experience.  The team is expanded through the use of additional subject and education experts as project size dictates.

More information about Pinnock Consulting can be found at www.pinnockconsulting.com

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